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Coming from any freeway, the easiest way is to exit Santa Teresa and head towards Oakridge Mall, turn LEFT on Thornwood and follow it around (behind BevMo) back towards Blossom Hill. Parking is in the rear.


Gift Certificates
Working with Minors
General Conduct

Reservations, Cancellations, & No-Shows

  • Reservations are made for a specific block of time and prevent others from reserving the same time slot. Turning Point Wellness maintains a policy designed to respect and protect the time of our clients and our business.
  • Sessions are reserved with a valid credit card, gift certificate, or other pre-paid amount. This card will not be charged unless there is a violation of Turning Point's cancellation/change/no-show policy.
  • Turning Point maintains a 24-hour cancellation/change policy. Any changes/cancellations within that window as well as missed appointments (no-shows) will incur a charge of 50% of the scheduled treatment unless the time slot is able to be filled by another client. If possible, Turning Point will apply any available gift certificates or rewards points to any incured charges prior to charging the client's reservation credit card.
  • If Turning Point must cancel a session within the same 24-hour window for any reason, no cancellation charge will be incurred.
  • Gift certificates, prepaid sessions, and/or any applicable discounts will be voided in case of violation of these policies.

Gift Certificates

  • Any gift certificates purchased from Turning Point are valid for the purchased service for a period of six months from the date of purchase.
  • After six months, the certificates are valid for the purchase price (discount value expires). The monetary value of the certificate does not expire as long as Turning Point remains in business.
  • Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.


  • Turning Point accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards with a Visa/Mastercard logo, and personal checks.
  • Bounced checks will incur a $25 charge. Clients giving bad checks will be unable to pay by check for future sessions.
  • Payment or payment guarantee for the full treatment price is expected at time of service.
  • Deferred payment may be accepted with insurance or attorney liens in the case of accident litigation, but Time-of-Service discount pricing does not apply to any form of deferred payment. In any case, the client is responsible for the full cost of treatment.

Working with Minors

  • As it is highly valuable for everyone to begin a regimen of self-care at a young age, Turning Point is happy to work with children and teenagers.
  • All minors require signed parental or guardian consent prior to any treatment.
  • Parents or guardians are required to remain on the premisis for the entirety of the scheduled session. Turning Point invites the parent/guardian to be present in the room with children under 13.
  • No minors under the age of 12 may be left unattended in any part of Turning Point’s facility without an adult. Young children may not wait unattended in the waiting room while their guardian is receiving treatment.
  • Turning Point prefers to schedule minors with therapists of the same gender; male with male and female with female unless otherwise requested. Turning Point reserves the right to change therapists as necessary to accommodate efficient scheduling, but will notify the minor's parent of any such change with as much advance notice as possible.
  • Young children have a lower capacity for bodywork than adults and tend to need shorter sessions due to size, attention span, and maturity level. Bodywork will be performed for the appropriate time, even if that is shorter than the scheduled time. In such an event, session cost would be prorated.


  • Turning Point abides by HIPAA laws and confidentiality standards to protect your health information.
  • Turning Point therapists will not discuss any identifiable information about any client with anyone without prior signed consent. Turning Point requests signed consent to discuss relevant health information with other healthcare providers with the intent of providing better treatment outcomes for each patient.
  • Turning Point will never sell or share your personal information with third parties for marketing or commercial purposes without prior authorization to do so. Turning Point does not share or distribute its mailing list or client information with others without permission or legal obligation.


  • Turning Point offers massage therapy services that are expressly non-sexual and for therapeutic benefit.
  • Clients are expected to maintain general standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Turning Point provides limited supplies for cleaning feet if dirty from sandals. Clients failing to meet minimal cleanliness standards may be asked to either take steps to wash or to reschedule for another time. If Turning Point must cancel an appointment due to cleanliness, standard late cancellation charges of 50% of the treatment price will be incurred.
  • We respect your time and ask that you respect ours and those of our other clients as well. Sessions begin and end at their scheduled time whether the client is present or not. Tardiness or delay in preparing to receive treatment cut into session time. It is not possible to displace other appointments to accommodate clients who are late.
  • If Turning Point is running behind schedule, your session time will, if possible, be extended to give you your fully allotted time, or, if not possible, be prorated or rescheduled at no charge to you.