Ankle Sprain TapeYou probably seen it on athletes on TV... pro sports, the Olympics. Does this stuff really work? And if so, what does it do and how?

Well for starters, yes it does work. Mechanically, the tape lifts the skin, creating space for circulation. Physiologically, it stimulates nerves in the skin, providing feedback into the brain to guide movement and provide positional information.

So what does that mean to you, you ask?

  1. Increased circulation and nerve feedback helps to reduce pain
  2. The lifting action helps create space to target swelling
  3. Positional feedback can be used to improve posture or guide movement for therapy
  4. Circulation and "springback" from the tape reduce muscle fatigue and improve endurance.
  5. Taping movement rather than muscles helps enhance power and motion transfer through the body improving performance.

Posture TapeWe love this stuff and use it to enhance the effects our treatments. It helps you get better faster. It extends the improvements made during a massage session. It's something we can teach you to do at home, giving you self-treatment tools that save you money.

Kinesiotape is different than your standard white, stiff athletic tape. Kinesiotape facilitates movement while athletic tape restricts it.

We use Rock Tape in our practice. Rock Tape has a few advantages over other tapes:

We do sell Rock Tape and Rock Sauce. Call for details.