Our Approach

You want to be healthy. You want to thrive. Healing is more than a quick fix or a one-time event - it is a process and a lifestyle. Traditional treatment has failed because it sees "not sick" as health. You know that there is a difference between feeling "not bad" and feeling good. Treatment that ends at "not bad" will never get you to great.

Wellness ModelYou come to us for our expertise and it's our duty to bring it. We work with you, coach you, & teach you so you can get better and grow. We tailor our work to every individual because you're all different. Our depth of experience allows us to meet you wherever you are across the entire spectrum of wellness.

challengeWe challenge you because that is how you grow. Like any coach, we gauge how much you can handle (your "capacity" affected by lifestyle, injuries, overall health and fitness...) and we push the boundary. They say that nothing changes if nothing changes so as your capacity expands, we adjust the challenge accordingly.

MassageIf you knew all the answers and could do it yourself, you wouldn't need to come to us, right? We'll advise you of the best path to wellness and make a recommendation for the type and amount of treatment would be best for you. That can include our services, support products, and also referral to other healthcare providers. Our work is great, but we know that we can't help with every problem! We're committed to your health, even if that means sending you to another provider who is better suited for you.

Honestly, while we love our clients, we see it as a sign of success when you don't need to come in very often! If we help you get better, we know you'll refer friends and family.

We see wellbeing as an investment. Face it, you're going to spend money and energy on your health. The only choice is how much and when! It saddens us when clients come to us with a problem that could have been addressed earlier and easier. Prevention is always easier than correction! Ultimately, we want to help you become (or continue to be) the most awesome you with the lowest expense.