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You know? Our clients love our work and they've taken the time to write some great reviews (Thank you!!!). But for whatever reason, some of those reviews get filtered on Yelp! Go figure. We don't want their words and efforts to go to waste, so we've put their reviews here (newest first). We haven't changed anything other than a little grammar here and there and clarified the therapist they were referring to. Want proof? Click through to Yelp! and see for yourself. Just scroll to the bottom and click "(# Filtered)" for the filtered reviews. (updated 9/21/13)

21 Another 5-star review on 8/22/2013 from Nancy C.

No PictureI am a very satisfied client of Dee's (Iria's) and would highly recommend Turning Point Wellness to anyone seeking massage therapy. I like that she makes you feel comfortable and explains what she is doing and how it benefits you. I have some very tight muscles and she is able to loosen them up and offer me relief. She also has told me things I can do to seek relief from the tension. The office itself is in a nice area with other professionals and ample parking, plus they are on the first floor. The massage therapy rooms are very comfortable and relaxing with calming music and low lighting which I find helps me concentrate and breathe when the tough areas are being worked out.

20 Another 5-star review on 8/14/2013 from Katherine F.

No PictureWhat an excellent experience! Dee is fantastic, she listens and she doesn't let you wimp out. This is not a regular Swedish 'patting' massage, this is the real deal. You need to be open to being moved around and worked on, and it is SO worth it. Seriously. Dee (Iria) will also give you suggestions for your problem areas, for example my shoulder is super stiff, so she showed me exercises and introduced me to her workout ball and foam roller (both of which I immediately ordered on Amazon!). Def recommend!!

19 Another 5-star review on 7/19/2013 from Angelina H.

AHI was looking for a prissy luxurious spa experience, and instead discovered a totally new way to take care of my body. I've had massages at some of the best spas and facilities in the world-and none of those therapists have taken the time to guide me into better posture and greater health. Mike and Dee (Iria) have taken the time to do just that. It's going to make a big difference in my day to day life, and in my work as well. Thanks guys!!

18 Another 5-star review on 6/10/2013 from Roxanne I.

No PictureI believe this is the first time I have actually written a review on Yelp, but Turning Point Wellness is the best place I have ever gotten a massage. They were able to pin point problem areas and give advice on how to keep the pain and stress down. I have been to many local massage places, but this is the only massage place I left feeling relaxed and satisfied. I would definitely recommend Turning Point Wellness to my friends and family.

17 Another 5-star review on 5/28/2013 from Jay A.

No PictureDee (Iria) is amazing! I read a lot of the reviews about picky massage recipients and thought, 'yeah, but they can't be as picky as me'. Maybe they were. I haven't found a (massage therapist) that is "too hard", but Dee (Iria) is at the top for people who can really dig in and loosen up my tight shoulder and neck muscles. Not only did she get some really tight knots to release in my upper back/neck, she showed me a few things I'm doing wrong in my daily exercise (rowing), and how that's contributing to some of the soreness I'm feeling. I work just down the road, and I'm pretty sure I just found my new monthly massage spot!

16 Another 5-star review on 1/26/2013 from Martha M.

No Picture"I have gotten a number of massages from Iria, and they've been among the best massages I've ever gotten. I first went to her when my upper back and neck muscles were so tight that I couldn't turn my head, and she was able to fix that in one session. After that I've kept going back because it helps keep me from getting too tense in my shoulders and just feeling good all over. My husband had also gotten many massages from Mike over the years that have helped him out a lot with various sports injuries. I highly recommend both Mike and Iria.

15 Another 5-star review on 1/13/2013 from Leslie D.

Leslie D"I highly recommend Turning Point Wellness. Mike and Dee are highly trained sports massage therapists and the combination of Myofascial, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapies are helpful for athletes and for those of us who carry muscular tension. As a previous massage therapist who has received many massages over the years, I can be a harsh critic, however, Dee and Mike's massages are the most effective I have experienced. After one massage with Dee, she relieved a multi-year deep hip pain that an orthopedic surgeon and chiropractor could not heal. And their fees are very reasonable. Best massage therapists ever!"

14 Another 5-star review on 1/9/2013 from Ashok K.

No Picture"I've experienced Mike Wolnick's services at his prior location. He is well qualified, and does a great job pinpointing the areas causing pain and uses a variety of techniques to fix/relieve them. He is intelligent, well trained, and focuses on what you ask him to. Excellent customer orientation!"

13 Another 5-star review on 11/24/2012 from Christina P.

No Picture"I love this place! I got a massage after my 1/2 marathon and it hurt but it was a good hurt! 2 days later I felt wonderful! Dee was Amazing!! I wish I knew about this place after my first 1/2. I hurt for 2 weeks! Can't wait to go back."

12 Another 5-star review on 11/20/2012 from Lisa M.

No Picture"I have been getting massages for 20 years, Turning Point is the BEST I have ever had! It is a perfect combo of massage therapy and physical therapy rolled into one. As a friend put it, you not only feel better, you actually ARE better! Totally recommend Dee (Iria) and Mike!"

11 Another 5-star review on 10/6/2012 from Glenn H.

No Picture"I highly recommend Turning Point whether you are there to unwind, get regular "maintenance", or find relief from severe pain. My first experience, I had Mike work the kinks out of my back. He was great about asking upfront exactly what I wanted to achieve, and he delivered. He definitely has a gifted intuition when it comes to choosing the appropriate techniques for any given ailment, and the overall "Wellness" approach is nice because they offer advice and solutions to improve in your day-to-day life. Mike is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. His professional experience, extensive training, and education are clearly demonstrated in his practice.

Dee is equally skilled and similar in approach - which is nice. I had a severe back spasm that laid me out, so my wife called and Dee actually came to the rescue. Somehow, she miraculously worked on the deep tissue surrounding the spasm and got the muscles to release. I would have not lasted the night without her therapy, let alone been able to go to work the next day! She does amazing work and I highly recommend her to anyone as well.

The atmosphere at Turning Point is comfortable, peaceful, and, friendly with high focus on customer service. This is a husband & wife-owned facility so it is run from the top with utmost pride and professionalism. I would highly recommend Turning Point to anyone."

10 Another 5-star review on 10/6/2012 from Miranda C

No Picture"Dee is an amazing massage therapist. She has an intuitive grasp of how much pressure to apply and how to work the trigger points. The office is great, has a professional atmosphere and really relaxing. If you are looking for a great massage at a great price, this is your place."

9 Another 5-star review on 10/3/2012 from David H.

No Picture"I had only my second massage ever here a couple weeks ago. The experience was great and the office was comfortable and relaxing. The massage is focused on what is bothering you and how to get better not simply a massage for the sake of relaxation. I felt great after the appointment and will have to get back soon for another visit."

8 Another 5-star review on 9/26/2012 from Kathleen W.

Kathleen W"Highly recommend Turning Point! Relaxing, clean environment. Mike and Dee are extremely professional and attentive to your needs. Dee does an amazing job of relieving my upper back and shoulder pain. I will continue to come back, and I've encouraged all my friends to visit!"

7 Another 5-star review on 9/18/2012 from Alyson C.

No Picture"I had an amazing massage. I workout intensely and exercise 4 times a week resulting in soreness and knots in random spots in my body. Jessica did a great job on my entire body and also worked on those rough spots in my upper shoulders. I am definitely coming back."

6 Another 5-star review on 9/16/2012 from Ruby A.

No Picture"Dee is simply Awesome!!! Me and my husband got the massage done yesterday. Dee was the massage specialist for me and it was Mike for my husband. They both know the exact problem area and did their job wonderfully. We love you both :) [Right back at ya, Ruby! -The Turning Point Team] Dee taught me some stretching exercises as well :). Highly recommended."

5 Another 5-star review on 9/12/2012 from Heather W.

No Picture"I will definitely continue to get massages from Turning Point! I've signed up for numerous groupon/living social deals, but you never know what you're going to get. I've gotten massages from both Mike and Dee for years. I keep going back to them because both are extremely experienced in any type of massage you like. The focus of their new place is on pain management and health. I've had issues with my shoulder after a an injury years ago, and I get sharp pains every now and then. Both Dee and Mike have worked on this shoulder issue and the pain magically goes away. They use active release techniques (well, similar to ART, but actually PNF & Muscle Energy Techniques -Mike W) that really get to the root of the problem in the muscles and even stretch you out a bit. They always give me homework too - just little exercises to keep the trigger points from getting too out of control in between massages. They definitely know their stuff. Their new clinic and it's very nice and professional. Their online appointment booking system works well and I left feeling much better from my office job-induced posture!"

4 Another 5-star review on 8/29/2012 from Chris B.

Chris B"Turning Point Wellness provides a tranquil setting and very experienced and skilled massage therapists. Mike did a fantastic job of massaging stress points out of my back while being mindful of my shoulder joint dislocation past. He's accurate, professional and gives welcome advice on how to take care of one's self until the next massage session. Turning Point Wellness has been a wonderful experience. I will definitely return again!"

3 Another 5-star review on 8/27/2012 from Kim T.

No Picture"Mike at Turning point wellness is the best. He was able to get my arm to stop killing me and even taught me how to keep it under control. He also found the knots that I get that cause me migraines. He is great at what he does and very helpful in teaching you how to keep the pain from returning."

2 Another 5-star review on 8/18/2012 from Lavs V.

No Picture"If I could give 10 stars I would! I am a chronically tense person who works out intermittently and hovers at a computer most of the time - so I am always full of knots in my upper back. And I have had a TON of massages and often get groupon/living social vouchers to try different people. So I had my first massage w/ Mike when he was w/ a chiropractor/massage clinic through a living social voucher and bought a massage package after my first massage. Please note: when I get a massage I want MUSCLE and PAIN RELIEF, I do not want frilly lay back and relax while someone puts lotion on me. And I said that up front. He definitely delivered! He did a technique that I can't remember the name of (it was PNF and Muscle Energy Techniques! -Mike W), but involved moving me through range of motion w/ massage but also having me tense and push against him to activate the knotted muscles, then release 3 times. WOW! It doesn't sound like much but WOW!!! I felt the release! and the next day I really felt like I worked out for hours in a GOOD way, not tight/painful way. OH.... so good! I really had a lot of release. I can't wait to go back!"

1 Another 5-star review on 8/12/2012 from Wade B.

No Picture"I dislocated my elbow about a year ago, and I had been able to get more than 90% of the range of motion back through rehab, but my arm is still weaker than it should be, and can hurt for days if I do any heavy lifting or preform some actions with high repetition, like using a screw driver most of an afternoon. My chiropractor recommended I set up an appointment with Mike to see if I could benefit from his treatment. Mike was meticulous as he worked around my entire arm and shoulder to look for issues that may be contributing to my issues. I was very surprised at how many issues he found. After my first session with Mike, it was obvious I gained back more range of motion. After a few sessions, my arm recovers faster from repetitive action fatigue. I happily recommend Turning Point Wellness to anyone trying to rehabilitate from a muscle or joint injury."

Internal Reviews

Another 5-star review on 9/14/2013 from G. B.

I loved the "staff professionalism and use of comprehensive techniques to not just relax, but heal, the body."

Another 5-star review on 9/4/2013 from P. R.

I loved the "unique techniques and thorough experience. Besides wishing it lasted forever, it was perfect!"

Another 5-star review on 9/3/2013 from S. H.

"Dee was able to find the exact areas that I described problems in and was very thorough in addressing my needs. She used techniques that I haven't experienced in any other environment and it was exactly what I needed."

Another 5-star review on 8/10/2013 from K. F.

"Dee's extensive skills with massage and sports medicine are hugely complimentary, and her desire to genuinely HELP is fantastic! I also really liked the confirmation and reminder texts :)"

Another 5-star review on 7/6/2013 from J. S.

(I liked the) "Discussion, education, explanation of treatment as Mike addressed the various areas needing attention."

Another 5-star review on 6/29/2013 from L. D.

(I liked best) "Mike's focused work on my tight areas. Right shoulder feeling much better! Left hip less tight - a bit of the sciatic pain at times but if I keep stretching, it goes away. (The only way to improve is to) Extend the session for four hours. :)"

Another 5-star review on 6/6/2013 from R. I.

I liked how they were able to pin point exact problems, and give advice on ways to help reduce the pain and stress in muscles. Most places I have been to never try to actually fix a problem, just get the whole body massage done under a certain time. This is the only place I feel is worth coming back to.

Another 5-star review on 5/29/2013 from D. G.

"I liked how how friendly and personable Dee (Iria) was. I would definately recommend turning point wellness to my friends and family. This being my first experience with a professional massage therapist I was thoroughly impressed. I thought Dee (Iria) did a great job. she was very patient and caring

Another 5-star review on 5/18/2013 from I. D.

(What I like best is your) "Utmost attentiveness and care. There's nothing I can suggest to improve on. I've been recommending you to all my friends, too. Since they all live mostly a bit far from south SJ, I think the location may be inconvenient. But I will be there!"