We tailor our work to meet a wide variety of problems. However, several categories stand out in our practice (in no particular order):

  1. Pain Management
    There's no two ways about it...pain sucks. Massage is well documented for being able to reduce pain. Whether it's trigger points or posture, post-workout soreness or injury, massage can either help the root cause or reduce the suffering. If your pain is caused by soft tissue, we can help you get to the bottom of it... more
  2. Injury Rehabilitation
    The sad fact is that many people don't fully recover after an injury. Don't be one of those people! Physical reconditioning of the muscles and connective tissue is essential during the healing process to avoid long-term loss of function and chronic pain... more
  3. Sports Performance
    Get the edge you need to lead the field. Top athletes know that the performance cycle is the process of challenge and adapt. The more you train, the more important recovery becomes. Sports massage expands the capacity for challenge, recovery, and performance. Event massage prepares and restores the athlete around competition, but the real magic comes from the performance adaptation of sports massage as an ongoing training activity... more
  4. Organizational Wellness
    High performing companies know that a healthy workforce is a productive, profitable one. Few know that stress and pain cost companies over 4% of their revenue! Pain, injuries, and stress are enemies of work performance. Top firms are putting their money where their mouth is and investing in their employees' health. We provide both education and stress management tools geared towards the workplace... more
  5. Stress Management
    Numerous studies cite that up to 90+% of illness is directly or indirectly a result of stress. Stress ruins relationships, job performance, health, and quality of life. Massage therapy combats stress on all fronts. We address the effects of stress and teach individual stress management strategies... more