Everyone knows that stress is bad, right? Do you know how bad?

StressVarious studies point to stress being a direct or indirect cause of up to 93% of all illness. 93 percent!

Why? Stress makes your body run in fight or flight mode all the time, exhausting resources and preventing maintenance and growth. You only have so much energy and resources to go around, so burning them up with stress means a gradual decline in health.



To name a few. And over time, you actually become conditioned to experience stress more strongly through sensitization!

But there is hope! The Canadian Institute on Stress conducted a study on the effects of stress and stress reduction over 8-months. The results were impressive and highlight the importance of including stress-management into your regular routine. Check it out:

  1. After 4 months of regular stress reduction, participants' bodies were functioning like they were 3.5 years younger. After 8 months, they were functioning like they were over 11 years younger!
  2. Over the course of the study, participants ended with a 56% decrease in absenteeism from work and went to the doctor 53% less.
  3. Blood pressure improved - at the start, fewer than half of the participants were within target pressure. At the end, 91% had normal levels.
  4. Immune cell counts improved by 30%
  5. Emotional and mental measures improved from single digits to almost 2/3 in self-esteem and mood.
  6. By the end, 50% had adapted to have lower stress reactions, 38% had faster stress-recovery, and 37% had learned the ability to relax at will!

MassageMassage therapy is an incredibly effective tool in reducing stress; it combats the symptoms while also increasing your capability in coping with and recovering from stress. The more intense your stress, the more stress-recovery you need to do. Once or twice a month is good for some, while once a week is better during stressful times.

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